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About 1st Parcel Direct

“Leadership, Focus, Excellence”

Specialises in customer satisfaction by providing reliable courier services covering local, national and international, SameDay, Pallet Delivery and Holiday Luggage Service.

1st Parcel Direct is a privately owned company operating a network of 30 wholly owned Service Centres across the UK, which enables us to provide a truly national and/or local service to our customers.

We have combined our unrivalled national coverage with a considerable investment in technology, which further differentiates 1st Parcel Direct from other courier providers. This means that our customers have a choice, of calling their local Service Centres to discuss their requirements and book jobs, or booking and tracking jobs online through our website. 1st Parcel Direct’s staff are knowledgeable about the local area, road conditions and services and can assist customers in choosing the best service for their requirements. Online customers can book jobs themselves.

Our success is based on our continually providing essential and professional business-to-business / residential services, through our dedication to the understanding of customers' needs, and translating these into an efficient and reliable service to achieve satisfaction.

“1st Parcel Direct is one of the UK’s leading logistics providers with a strong management team, a diverse and flexible service portfolio and a strong customer base"


The diversity and flexibility of our services, combined with these unmatched benefits, means that 1st Parcel Direct is the ideal choice for those looking for a total solutions delivery partner or simply a SameDay Courier, NextDay Courier, International Courier, Pallet Service or Specialist Services provider.

1st Parcel Direct offers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to meet the needs of our strong customer base. Our customer base is diverse and includes many blue chip companies and a range of business and public sector organisations. It is with this diversity in mind that 1st Parcel Direct is continually developing new and enhanced services to meet the varying needs and budgets of our existing and potential customers. 1st Parcel Direct also has an environmental policy and program in place across its business.

An example of our continual development of new services was the introduction of Smart cars to its fleet. 1st Parcel Direct now offers motor bike and cycle couriers the opportunity to get 'Smart'. 1st Parcel Direct has a number of branded Smart cars as part of its fleet and uses the two-seater minis as parcel delivery vehicles. The vehicles have been a huge success. The two-seater vehicles are perfect for city driving, at only 2.5 metres in length and with a full turning circle of 8.7 metres they make a perfect delivery partner. This new addition to 1st Parcel Direct's fleet is of benefit to the environment as the Smart car has the lowest CO2 emissions compared to many other cars on the road. 1st Parcel Direct's services fall into six main categories:

SameDay Delivery Service

NextDay Delivery Service

UK Pallets Delivery Service

European Pallets Delivery Service

International Delivery Service

Holiday Luggage Delivery Service

Within each of these categories 1st Parcel Direct has developed a range of customer friendly, flexible services designed to give customers a range of choices enabling the most appropriate and cost effective option to be selected. However, rather than confuse the customer with a list of lots of differently titled services the emphasis is on the 1st Parcel Direct customer service agent to propose the most appropriate option after listening to the customer’s specific needs. Is it urgent? Is it confidential? We can guarantee that whatever your requirements our answer will always be "Yes".



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